Real-Time Data Share from What is Real-Time Data Sharing?

Friends, today I am going to tell you here that how to do Real-Time Data Share? Would be aware of but it is more famous for all Technique Mobile. Nowadays, we use two Techniques to share photos, video or documents from the computer. Wired Technique (Data Transfer between two Computer via Ethernet Cable) and Wireless (Wifi to Data Transfer example- Shareit). Real-time or instant data sharing is a different type of data sharing technique by which you can share data using the Internet. So let’s know about it in a little detail.

What is Real-Time Data Sharing?

Real-Time Data Sharing means that as soon as we send a video, photo or document to someone, it should immediately reach the destination without any hindrance and many people can share data at the same time. All such services are called Real-Time File sharing Services. We can also share data through Shareit but this service does not come under the category of real-time data sharing. There are many online services to share real-time data. Out of this, is also a Real-Time Data Sharing Service that provides File Sharing Services both free and Paid.
If it ever happened that you do not have the service of the Internet and you have to send a video, photo or a document to someone in a hurry. In such a situation, you can instantly share the file without logging in to the Email Id in any nearby Cyber ​​Cafe.

If you do not have a Gmail Id and you have to share an instant file with your friends, then you can share the file instantly using the Real-Time Data Share Service and also you can find out who has your Downloaded the file shared by.

How to Real-Time Data Share from ?

Like all other real-time file-sharing services, it also offers Paid Service but it provides 2GB of free storage for the trail for file sharing if you have to share video, photo, document up to 2GB. So you can use the free version services and if you want to share more than 2GB file, then for this you can use Paid Version by paying 100 rupees. For how to do Real-Time Data Share from, you see these steps.

Step 1. First you open the website in the browser and if you want, you can create an account by clicking on the Free Account. Or if you want, you can upload the file by clicking on the Drag & Drop option without creating an account.

Step 2. After uplaod the file, you enter the Gmail address of the person where you want to send the file. You can file a file by entering 1 or more email addresses at a time.

Step 3. Now you click on the Send option, your file link will be shared, if you want, you can share many more places by copying that link. Anyone who wants to download your file can access their file by clicking on that on send file.


Friends, here I have told what is real-time file/data sharing and How to Real-Time Data Share from Ge .tt? If you want to instant share many people at once with a file. So you can use Real-time file Sharing Services. Hope you all have liked this File Sharing Technique and have been helpful to you.

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