How to Delete Computer Error Files ?

Many times it happens that on the computer we are working by opening the software and suddenly the software comes by writing Responding and the software stops working. Or the computer suddenly stops working. This is because many Temporary Files, Error Files are filled in the computer due to which RAM gets full. Due to this, there are many more problems in Computer / PC, such as Computer Booting Problem, Computer Hang Problem, Software Working Problem. Today I am going to tell you that How to Delete Computer Error Files? If there is such a problem in your computer, then you are at the right place.

The Process Break that occurs in the process running on the computer is Computer Error / Temporary Files. Like if we are downloading a movie from the Internet, then if a frame of the movie is not completely downloaded, then it gets saved in Computer Error Files.

When we install software on the computer, then what is not required in the Software Installation for the computer saves it in the Error Files. This happens only in Windows Computer because in other types of OS it is not Ability to be able to detect Error files. There are many other ways in which Computer Error Files are generated. for example.
Error / Temporary files are generated when downloaded from the internet.
Many error files are generated while working on the software.

Just like Android Mobile is the easiest and user-friendly OS, just like Windows is a User-Friendly Operating System for computers, but it is a bit difficult to know that How to Delete Windows Computer Error Files? Those who do not use computers on most days. If you do not have information about deleting Computer Error / Temporary Files, then
After a few days, the computer will not work properly, it will take a lot of time to be booted, after that when you are working by opening any software like Video Editor Software, Word, tally, Excel, then the software will stop with Not Responding Message again and again. It will be done and may not be able to save any important files due to this and it will be deleted.

Many times it happens that people get upset by this and do Computer Reset or Windows Uninstall. In which a lot of their time is wasted. But if everyone knows that How to Delete Computer Error Files? So this will speed up Computer Performance and there will be no problem with hang. So let’s see how to delete Error / Temporary Files,
Error / Temporary Files save 2 places in Computer C Drive,

C> User> userName> App Data> Local> Temp
C> Windows> Temp

To open both these files, there is no need to waste time searching for C Drive. There is some shortcut for this, with the help of which you can open them with RUN Command. For this, you just have to follow the steps.

Step 1. Press Windows Logo + R Key simultaneously in Computer Keyboard. A small box like this on the computer screen will be open, this is called RUN Command.

Step 2. Now if you click on OK by typing% temp% in RUN Command, then Save Temp Folder will open in the first place and if you just type temp and click on OK, then Save Temp Folder will open in the second place.

Step 3. After opening the Temp Folder, select all the error files (ctrl + A Select All) then shift + delete Key Press Permanently delete all the error files.

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